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NOTICE. You can directly upload your own Featured Image without a hassle. Your new featured image will only show after you’ve published the article. The image name will show next to ‘Choose File’. 

Featured Image: This is the image that will show with your article when you share it. There is a default featured image in place if you don’t have one, but you can change it.

Make your article images bigger: Click on the image – then the pencil and change the size to Full Size.

Change the size of your headings inside your article by clicking on ‘Paragraph’ on your menu. Heading 3 is a recommended size.

Add a link:  Type a title for your link, for example your website name. Highlight your website name and click on the chain on your menu. Type or paste your link in the required space and then press the return arrow. Your link is inserted and visitors will be directed to your website when they click on the name.

Add a video: Just paste the link into your article and the link will automatically convert to the video.

Expand your menu: Click on the last icon (Toolbar Toggle) on your menu.

If you experience problems with the quality of your images.  It is always better to use a big image that your blog can adjust than a small one. The reason is that it’s difficult to enlarge a small image and keep the quality because it doesn’t have enough pixels to adjust to the enlargement.

Suggestion for blurry image: Click on your image to highlight and drag any corner of the image inwards (to make it smaller), until your image is more clear.


BUDDYDRIVE: Upload files and share the file link to download the file across all devices. You can share all kinds of files, such as PDF, video clips and MS Office suite.

Select your Privacy Preferences after your file was uploaded. Click on the pencil below the name of the uploaded file. Public files will always be available for download. Click EDIT to save your changes.

The link for delete is the 4 blocks on your BuddyDrive menu. Click on the file if you want to delete it.

Click HERE to test it. Click on the file name to download it.

YOUR PAGE: You can create a profile page for more information about your niche – or about yourself . You will find tips and more information on the Demo Page if you follow the link below.

  • View the DEMO PAGE as an example for your page.

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