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Siqik is now directly connected with Bing!

This means that your article will be indexed the moment you publish it.

Your article will be available immediately on Bing Search.


Categories – Choose the category that fits your article best.

Tags – Your tags will be converted into search engine keywords as well.

Excerpt. This is the description that shows on the search engines (for example Google Search and Bing). The standard size is less than 200 characters.

Featured image. This is the image that will show with your article when you share it. There is a default featured image in place if you don’t have one, but you can change it.

Example: Use your first image as your Featured Image.

So, insert your image into your article and insert it again as your featured image.

Follow the guidelines below (click on images to enlarge):




How to add a link on your article.  Type a title for your link, for example your website name. Highlight your website name and click on the item in the red box on your menu. Type or paste your link in the required space and then press the return arrow. Your link is inserted and visitors will be directed to your website when they click on the name.


Add a video: (Option 1) Just paste the link into your article and the link will automatically convert to the video. (Option 2) Copy and paste the link in Add Media (example. – Insert from url.


Your Images: If you experience problems with the quality of your images.  It is always better to use a big image that your blog can adjust than a small one. The reason is that it’s difficult to enlarge a small image and keep the quality because it doesn’t have enough pixels to adjust to the enlargement.

Try and enlarge it as big as possible on Powerpoint on your desktop by dragging the corners before uploading it to your blog. You can further adjust and edit the picture under Picture Format on Powerpoint. Remember to click on the image to make the Picture Format link available. After you’re done right-click on the image and choose ‘Save Image As’.

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