If we accept that Mayfield is always likely to be the starter that’s where things get interesting. The Panthers recruited Ben McAdoo, who was slated to be the new head coach of the offense. In the beginning, it was a baffling decision that looked like it was bound to face similar issues as during the season in New York. McAdoo prefers to play an open faux West Coast shotgun passing base that requires quick thinking from the quarterback, and Madden 24 coins athletic ability to accumulate yards in the ground once flushed from the pocket. A statuesque, aged Eli Manning was the perfectly wrong quarterback for this system — much in the same way as a statuesque Darnold doesn’t work.

You know who does fit? Baker Mayfield, and Matt Corral. It’s serious mental gymnastics with the galaxy brain to think that Carolina was adamant about Corral as an ideal candidate for their franchise and yet waiting until the 3rd round to make a trade up and grab Corral. The idea that this team is playing chess like that can give the team way too many points. However, there is an ounce of hope that Corral could develop into something unique.

NBC Sports’ Chris Simms had Corral as the No. first QB in 2022’s draft, pointing out his quick release and athleticism are uncommon traits, while also stating that he needed time to understand Madden NFL 24 offensive principles. The thing that makes Simms’ case persuasive is the fact that he was one of the few draft analysts completely convinced of Josh Allen being the best QB from the 2018 draft. They were also preferring him to Mayfield and Darnold. Yes, it’s one person’s view, but if Simms and the Panthers are correct and Corral can evolve into an Madden NFL 24 quarterback, then Corral’s selection is an accomplishment.

After considering all of the above, the picture begins to fall all of these factors together. Mayfield not only helps the Panthers win right now in the present, but is the keystone in the coal mine for McAdoo’s offense. It’s a cheap litmus test to see if you think the West Coast adjacent scheme with RPO components is compatible with the current roster of skilled positions in Carolina. If not, Baker takes the heat and will try again using Corral after making some changes. If the experiment is successful, there’s a reasonably good alternative to move away from Mayfield to Corral and keep the rest of the team the same. This simply could not happen without cheap madden nfl 24 coins Sam Darnold, who really does not offer anything based on what the Panthers have been trying to achieve going forward.

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