I have Hill entering the late 20s to a playoff team

Don’t get me wrong, raw statistics aren’t alland end all for college pass rushers. Here’s what scares me: In the top 10 leaders in sacks within the Madden 23 coins last year one player didn’t have at least 10.0 sacks in his college season. It was Micah Parsons. It’s quite scary to imagine taking a player this high and not having a proven track record.

Cross is the most effective offensive tackle with the ability to block passes this draft, in all likelihood. Therefore, to see him fall to the number. 13 selection is just unbelievable to me. I can understand the way this happened with they way their mock was coming together yet I’m unable to believe it.

It wasn’t that long ago I had Cross penciled in to for the Panthers on No. 6. I was skeptical that there was a possibility that he would not be available. There are some upside issues with Cross that are causing people (including me) to select Evan Neal above him as the second-best offensive tackle of the draft. However, I’d be stunned to observe that the Falcons and Seahawks trading him.

That said, if the Texans are able to walk away with Kayvon Thibodeaux AND Charles Cross as this mock has planned, will it be a night of celebrations in Houston.

Every single brother and sister has Sauce Gardner as the best cornerback this year, and I can see it. It is obvious that the second best cornerback could be Derek Stingley Jr, and I can see that too. The mock of Kiper/McShay gets off track for me.

Daxton Hill at No. 18. Andrew Booth Jr. at No. 25. then we gotta be patient until we pick 48 for Kaiir Elam? What’s the matter with this?

Elam is superior to Booth Jr. and Hill as well as Booth Jr. to me, and he’s plummeting. Mel generally confirms that he chose Hill earlier because he personally is a fan of him. That does not surprise me, but scares me quite a bit. I’m taking a guy who exclusively played slot corner in the college with the 18th pick overall is a real concern for me.

I have Hill entering the late 20s to a playoff team, but more importantly after Elam was off the board.

This is another Mel pick and he’s admitted that Watson is a bit unproven But I’m shocked that the fact that he’s picked the No. 22. to go with the Packers alongside some of the other talent left in the pool.

Traylon Burks and Jahan Dotson both move later with me, and I have higher grades on both of the players. It amazes me to observe Watson going this high because of his upside, when Green Bay will be in dire need of a proven Madden NFL 23-ready player who will immediately create a lasting impression.

I can’t deny Watson’s physical attributes could make him a top first rounder, I just do not like putting him alongside Aaron Rodgers.

Linderbaum is as safe as any pick over the past five years. Seriously. It’s true that he’s a centre which is a undervalued position but Linderbaum is a plug-and play decade-plus starter who will probably have a couple of Pro Bowls in the process.

The mock is that he’ll go to the Jaguars with the first pick of the second round. The issue I’m having is that I’m unable to imagine an intelligent, well-managed playoff team not grabbing this opportunity to secure your middle line even if there’s no urgent need.

Linderbaum is just way too good to allow this to happen.

Yes, it’s a second round pick , but I’d think this would be unwise.

To I, Seattle seems intimately aware of the future and is aware that they’ll be a bad team by 2022. Actually, I admire the way they’re playing. This is a team trying to improve their depth and have made an impact in the QB-friendly environment of the 2023 Mut 23 coins Draft.

Corral appears to be a waste of wasted resource in a stream this deep.

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