J. Cole cover J. Cole cover is one of four different covers for 2K23 MT the new edition of 2K along with other covers featuring Michael Jordan, Devin Booker and a duo featuring Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi. NBA 2K23 is being discussed on social media lately, with NBA ratings falling this week. Kevin Durant even took at an amusing snark following his 2K rating being released.On the week of the game’s debut, we spoke with Ronnie Singh aka Ronnie 2K on the decision to put MJ as the game’s cover instead of LeBron, why Devin Booker was selected over other NBA stars, MyCareer, ProAm, gameplay, and more.

As a participant in the process, what is the top thing you’re most excited about for NBA 2K23? Well being able to put Jordan on the cover is always an amazing experience, and getting to work with him, and also the assertion that makes us feel proud of our sport: the greatest ever. It’s really a testament to what we’re trying to make from a business perspective but also what this game’s implications will be.

We’ve got Jordan challenges. Jordan challenges. They’re back. However, they’re bigger. Better. There’s been lots of talk about each and every one of them, but then the one that’s going be a very emotional one, and one I’m anticipating going back to and revisiting is Kobe. The first game against one another. It’s going to be really fun. I’m a massive MyTeam player, and I was pretty excited about new contracts and the triple threat co-op online.

You recently made the announcement of J. Cole having his own design for his cover. How did that happen and what was the reason? Three and a half years when he dunked during some of the break on the All-Star Weekend Saturday Night, J. Cole said ‘Ronnie I’d like to be in MyCareer and help you think about the ideation around that.I collaborated with the team to bring this idea into existence, and it was a perfect fit to work with him. However, I’m thrilled that it’s named”The Dreamer Edition, because it was just like one of those dream ideas that came to fruition over a number of Buy NBA 2K23 MT years. It took quite a while to actually make this occur.

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