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WOW WOTLK Classic:MD The main ideas behind the patch

Morgan Day: We’ve all had a lot of experience in WOW WOTLK Classic Gold balancing our love of video games while also having to be able to do other things. [laughs]What’s one of the things you don’t think has received enough attention for what’s coming up in the Tomb of Sargeras update due to come out on the launch date?

RS: Really one of the things we haven’t really emphasized is the idea of, on Broken Shore itself, the idea of a dynamic setting such as a dynamic inflow and flow of content on Broken Shore. Broken Shore.

One thing we’ve always wanted to do with the system of world quests however, and which we were not able to achieve throughout the entire Broken Isles, but we were able to do it in some spots–is place the areas in which the world quests take place in, change out their population, change out what is happening in that location at the time of this world quest. This is one of the things we’ve been able to accomplish in the Broken Shore area. Broken Shore, because it’s not a zone of leveling and we don’t need to be concerned about the changing of the population to make it impossible to complete the quests that you are supposed to be able complete.

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With that in mind we’ve made it so that each time you log in, each day that you login, and you go to Broken Shore or go to Broken Isles, you don’t be aware of exactly what you’re about to do. You get in, assess the situation, and then decide the best way to take on the Legion this moment.

It is a feeling with Legion that this effect is restricted within the Island, as opposed to Cataclysm, where you experienced these wide-reaching consequences that affected the entirety of Azeroth. Are you saying that this is more of an intentional decision? Do you believe that the impact caused by the Legion will be felt more widely in Azeroth at any time?

A: One our most fundamental principles of Blizzard is focusing the excitement. When you make the pieces of content out too much it can become difficult for players to navigate. We saw in the pre-launch the assaults that took place in several parts of Azeroth Then we decided, mostly for the fantasy and partially because of the story that the Legion was going to focus around the Broken Shore and its immediate surroundings, namely known as the Broken Isles. That was partly because we found that the game is very suitable for this.

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MD The main ideas behind the patch is that we’re going be returning in The Broken Shore and reclaim the Broken Shore. This is the place where the Legion expansion actually began. The method used to launch the Legion was you went towards the Broken Shore, you cheap WOTLK Gold fought Gul’dan and the rest of the big bad guys, and suffered major losses. We lost Tirion and we lost Vol’Jin and then we lost Varian The losses were huge and we had to retreat. So this patch is all concerned with the continuing of the story and driving that forward.

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