The Accursed Keepsake has a small chance drop from every rare event boss in Icecrown. This item is an HD version of the old Scourge Invasion item Haunted Memento that invokes a Torghast Deadsoul ghost to follow you around! wow classic gold for sale

Papa’s Mint Condition Bag
The Papa’s Mint Condition Bag is a 34-slot bag that has a chance to drop from Bronjahm, one of the rare bosses that can appear on the event in Icecrown. Like the other bags the boss drops in his dungeon versions (Papa’s New Bag and Papa’s Brand New Bag), the item’s name is a reference to the song by Godfather of Soul James Brown, Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag.

This is one of the only 34-slot bags available in the game, the other one being Madman’s Luggage available from The Mad Merchant in Legion Dalaran for 500,000. Thankfully, Bronjahm’s bag is Unique, so you don’t need to try and farm more than one per character!

Argent Commendations
Argent Commendation can be used to buy gear and other items from Quartermasters tied to the Scourge event. These tokens can be gathered from a variety of sources:
The main questline rewards a total of 18 Argent Commendation.
The quest Nathanos Blightcaller rewards 5 Argent Commendation.
Completing all available dailies should reward a total of 17 Argent Commendation per day.
The daily The Safety of Others unlocks from the beginning of the event, and rewards 5 Argent Commendation.
Icecrown dailies reward 3 Argent Commendation each. Some dailies are accessible from the beginning of the second week of the main questline, with the rest are unlocked with Continued Effort after you complete the main questline. In total, four Icecrown dailies should be up every day.
Most Scourge enemies in Icecrown drop Darkened Scourgestone and have a smaller chance to drop Pitch Black Scourgestone. Bosses drop multiple Pitch Black Scourgestone. These can be turned in to Veteran Crusader Aliocha Segard for Argent Commendation.
Darkened Scourgestones rewards 1 Argent Commendation per every 25x Darkened Scourgestone
Pitch Black Scourgestones rewards 3 Argent Commendation per every 25x Pitch Black Scourgestone.

Set up a set of 8 parts, a total of 120 Argent Commendations.
Reward 17 Argent Commendations (5+3+3+3+3) for 5 daily quests per day. If you only do daily quests for about 7 days, unlock a set of illusions.

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