WoW New Allied Races Vulpera and Mechagnomes Coming Soon

In the next WoW content update, two new playable Allied Races- vulpera and mechagnomes – will be ready to take up arms with the Horde and the Alliance. Before they are available, is very honored to share the details about these 2 new races with you. Full stock cheap wow classic gold hot sale at our site as well, you are highly welcomed to get some if you are in need!

Now it’s time to reveal more details about Vulpera and Mechagnomes for you all. These two races are totally different but both powerful!

Vulpera of Vol’dun have survived amidst the sands for generations.They are clever and resourceful, and eager to join the ranks of the Horde. Their caravans have departed from the dunes in search of adventure. The serpentine sethrak have taken to subjugating anyone they can as slaves, and the vulpera are an easy target for their machinations. If you’ve taken steps to liberate the vulpera from these overseers, they’ll join the Horde on the battlefield.

To unlock this allied race, you need to:

– Reach Exalted with Vuldunai

– Earn Achievement Secrets in the Sands

Mechagnomes seeks a balance between flesh and steel though they once sought to mechanize themselves completely. Emerging from years of isolation on Mechagon, they bring both ingenuity and aptitude to the Alliance. They left Gnomeregan to construct a metal metropolis, Mechagon. However, their once wise and ambitious ruler King Mechagon now ruthlessly rules over them with an iron fist. They can also work together with the Rustbolt Resistance to overthrow their tyrant so these mechanical mavericks will join the Alliance.

To unlock this allied race, you need to:

– Reach Exalted with the Rustbolt Resistance

– Earn Achievement The Mechagonian Threat

When the next content update goes live, players who’ve completed those requirements will gain access to a quest chain to recruit the vulpera and mechagnomes as Allied Races. There is no doubt that more details about new content update will available soon. will share the latest information with you. In addition, you are always welcomed to buy WoW gold from us since we provide you the best services and guaranteed instant delivery to protect your benefits! Please feel free to visit our site when you need to buy WoW items at any time.

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