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WOW Classic Wand Skill: World of Warcraft Classic How to Get your first Wand Early

How do you get lesser magic wand ASAP? How do wands work in classic WoW? Does agility increase Wand damage classic WoW? This article is according to these questions, it aims at helping players to learn the use of WOW Classic wand, and how to get them!

What is the use of wand?

Priest Weapons are one of the most exciting upgrades in the game to Weapons are one of the most exciting upgrades in the game to obtain, both while leveling and raiding. While leveling your Priest you should focus will be on obtaining the highest DPS Wand you can, to assist you on your journey to level 60. Wands provide a large amount of damage while leveling so the more damage your wand does, the faster you will vanquish your foes.

How to get WOW Classic wand and Buy wow classic gold cheap?

The vendors don’t sell them (a few do, but not that you can use), they never drop (at low levels), and you haven’t seen any as a quest reward (you will, but not for a while). The wand you want is the [Lesser Magic Wand]. This wand is created by characters with the Enchanting profession. These are one of the few items an enchanter can make and sell directly, so you should be able to find them in your auction house. But sometimes it costs more than you can afford because new players don’t usually have a handle on how to make money in WoW, so how can you do this? 5 or more silver is a lot of money when you are first starting. You can choose to buy WOW Classic Gold PayPal at, cheap, safe, fast, 24/7!

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The best way to secure a low level wand in World of Warcraft Classic is through Enchanting. There are two options here: Become an enchanter (which we recommend for cloth wearers in our Classic Profession guide) or seek out an enchanter. Enchanters are able to craft the lowest level want at Enchanting skill 10 which is very easy to get to. If you go the route of becoming an enchanter yourself, you’ll just need to visit a city to pick up the skill and start leveling up. The easiest way to do this is to pair the profession with tailoring, collect a ton of linen, and then make the lowest level green item you can and disenchant it. This will allow players to level up to Enchanting 10 very quickly with pretty much just linen cloth and some thread. At that point, pick up the Simple Wood and craft your first wand!

The vendor wand isn’t usable til lvl 15. At that point you could be able to make 1 yourself that is possible but highly dependent on how lucky you are with drops. Finally, hope this guide will help you to get your first wand in WOW Classic!

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