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WoW Classic High Priestess Arlokk Guide

High Priestess Arlokk is a formidable foe within the Zul’Gurub raids. It’s usually the sixth boss you’re going to go up against, and it isn’t the easiest by any stretch of the imagination, having multiple forms it switches between.This guide will explore how you can easily defeat this boss without too much difficulty in World of Warcraft Classic specifically.

Unlike some of the bosses you may find in Zul’Gurub, High Priestess Arlokk cannot be skipped. You have to defeat it to progress the raid, it’s not some optional boss done for extra loot for your guild or anything like that. As such, knowing the strategies is required, as it’s a boss each and every raiding party will have to face – unless they completely fail before reaching this point!

Zul’Gurub is a level 55-60 recommended range raid, so by this point, you’re probably very accustomed to raiding and have some tenure. As such, without further ado, we can proceed to discuss the strategy of defeating this boss in the most simple, straightforward way possible.

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Remember to defeat this boss before Hakkar, as otherwise, you will empower the boss with Aspect of Arlokk. Arlokk will only be spawned once you hit the gong in the room.


The strategy behind defeating this boss can seem complex. But, once you comprehend it and put it into practice, you’ll find it all relatively easy.

The first thing we’ll go through is the abilities of the boss:

· Gouge, does a random amount of damage towards you, and stuns you for up to three seconds. However, this attack can only be done if you are facing the boss.

· Mark of Arlokk – as you can tell, this ability is custom made for this boss. This will cause the panthers to attack the targeted player.

· Whirlwind: a whirlwind of steel, lasting merely two seconds. Any regular attack is amplified by 954.

· Ravage: the regular attack is amplified by 500 damage, and you’re also stunned for two seconds.

The fight will begin with Arlokk in her troll form. She alternates between having the troll form and the panther form. Any panthers summoned by the Mark of Arlokk should be handled by the off-tanks. If you are able to, you must mitigate the damage of typical mobs, using abilities such as Demoralizing Shout.

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When the special ability Mark of Arlokk isn’t called, the level 60 panthers are in stealth mode and are enclosed in fences. You shouldn’t aim to kill them, because if you do, they just respawn infinitely. Do not go near their pens, as you will cause many of them to unstealth and attack you. This is not preferable for any class, whilst some of the panthers are unavoidable, this is what the off-tanks are for. The DPS should be focused on Arlokk mainly, as this can quickly end the whole fight.

Off-tanks should always be on the panthers. The troll form can be difficult to deal with. Particularly due to the Gouge ability, you should be extremely cautious. If this immensely damaging ability is called, then you need to rotate tanks. An off-tank should taunt Arlokk, as otherwise, your main tank will be in grave danger.Thank you for your time. Buy great cheap classic wow gold from us, so safe & easy & 24/7 online. Enjoy.

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