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WOW Classic Firemaw Boss Guide with Quick Tips & Drops in BWL

There is a guide regarding of WOW Classic Firemaw boss. With this guide, you can learn many tips to defeat the boss easily in Blackwing Lair raid. Once defeated, you can gain its loads of drops.

Quick tips for defeating WOW Classic Firemaw

Firemaw is one of the bosses in WOW Classic Blackwing Lair raid. And there are some quick tips offered to help you defeat Firemaw boss smoothly:
1. Ranged DPS should stay close to the door guarded by Broodlord Lashlayer.
2. Melee DPS should stay behind Firemaw to avoid Shadow Flame and Wing Buffet.
3. DPS need to clear Flame Buffet damage by LoSing Firemaw between 5 to 10 stacks.
4. Tanks should position Firemaw and cleanse Flame Buffet. The off-tank should be out of sight of Firemaw and then taunt Firemaw when casting Wing Buffet. At that time, the main tank should LoS Firemaw and cleanse Flame Buffet stacks.
5. Shadow Flame shouldn’t be resisted or mitigated.
6. Healers should get ready to heal players taken Shadow Flame.

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WOW Classic Firemaw drops in Blackwing Lair

After defeating Firemaw in Blackwing Lair raid, you can be able to obtain these drops from it, including:
1. Tier 2 set gloves
2. Class trinkets
– Scrolls of Blinding Light (Paladin)
– Natural Alignment Crystal (Shaman)
3. Black Ash Robe
4. Cloak of Firemaw
5. Claw of the Black Drake
6. Firemaw’s Clutch
7. Legguards of the Fallen Crusader
8. Primalist’s Linked Legguards
9. Drake Talon Cleaver
10. Drake Talon Pauldrons
11. Rejuvenating Gem
12. Taut Dragonhide Belt
13. Shadow Wing Focus Staff

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