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World of Warcraft’s inventory system

Alternative: Bigwigs. Bigwigs has WoTLK Classic Gold a pretty good handle on everything you’d expect Deadly Boss Mods is able to do, but is much less intrusive as a default. This is a great option if you’re not a fan of DBM’s frequently loud and immersive warnings.


World of Warcraft’s inventory system is rather a mess in the default version. Instead of having a large inventory, you have separate bags that hold all the things you’ll find when exploring. It’s cumbersome to deal with But Bagnon will make this hassle go completely. It replaces the entire inventory window into one big bag that can hold your entire inventory, however its other functions make Bagnon a must-have.

In addition, you are able to look at the items (even when they’re in the bank) of all the alternate characters on your account. Additionally, icons have special coloring that is based on the quality of the item and help you sort out rare items from the trash. A search engine within an inventory panel makes searching for specific items easier. In addition, you can always sorting options, which makes your garbage less messy and grouping similar items together.


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Alternative: Adibags. Adibags is a compromise of Blizzard’s default bags and the ‘one bag’ design that Bagnon provides. This addon is able to automatically categorize the contents of your bag into categories , and users can install additional filtering options if you’re in the need of the.

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