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What we are most comfortable with in the daytime

In general, not just allowing our players to play with all the brand new material we’ve put out, but in addition to that, allowing them to look at the game through an entirely new perspective, perhaps playing an alternative or with a different type of spec or buy WoTLK Gold. We’re breaking down the barriers so that players can play the game in different ways and also keep it fresh consistently.

What we are most comfortable with in the daytime is the same feeling that you had said at the beginning and that is that you can tell that players are excited about this. It is a constant theme in the discussion that is going around and things that players are discussing. In particular, when Brawler’s Club was launched and players are talking about micro-holidays to be announced in the near future or discussing Nighthold. It’s clear from the feedback that we hear and then interact with that it’s likely to be having an effect.

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In terms of making the game accessible to a broad range of people, particularly novices, I believe that the method by which Legendaries have changed throughout the years is fascinating. Personally I’m not in a position to commit large amounts of time to playing I love the feeling of fulfillment from making legendaries, even though it’s not difficult.

But it’s also unsettling for the audience–it may be a vocal minority but there are those who believe Legendaries should be more difficult or even difficult to obtain buy WoW WoTLK Classic Gold. What is the best way to strike this balance between making something accessible and accessible, yet creating something that feels special to those most hardcore players that want to be able to do something that no one else is able to do?

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