We’ve revamped the blocking system in NBA 2K22

We’ve revamped the blocking system NBA 2K22 MT Buy in NBA 2K22 and are giving rim protectors more tools to make awesome stops on the rim. On top of that on PS5, we’ve added timing meters to alley-oops as well as more aggressive skill dunk attempts.

If an alley pass is on the ground, you’ll need press the Shot Button precisely at the right timing to complete the loop. Also, on the side of the dunk, holding Sprint and pulling straight down to the Pro Stick will trigger the brutal skilled dunks.

The game NBA 2K21, we debuted a brand-new player builder on PS5 that allowed you to create your attribute caps in any way you wanted.

We’ve made numerous modifications to the system over the last year, which includes majorly increasing the amount of badge points available at you, and making it easier to recognize the available badges, the price at each tier, and the thresholds for attributes required to get to the tier at which you are.

There’s also a new MyPLAYER upgrade cheapest mt 2k22 exclusive to PS5 known as Takeover Perks. These are modifiers that you can access and equip to increase the abilities of your Takeover character!


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