However, credit must be given to the Ravens. They decided to redesign their entire game plan around Lamar Jackson and his abilities Mut 23 coins. It worked. They got into the dance. You can’t ask for. They were able to play to their strengths — that defense. You can’t blame them for that. The defense they have will give them a difficult time in the playoffs.

The team with the lowest score this season is the Minnesota Vikings

We’ve learned that winning windows in the Madden NFL 23 aren’t huge and close very quickly. This season, the Vikings made Kirk Cousins $84 million to take advantage of the window and it was a disaster. I liked the deal at the time, but I was aware of some of Cousins shortcomings, including losing big games often. In Sunday’s biggest game of this season The Vikings offense was a mess again. All the Vikings had to do was beat home. Sure, they did it against the Bears which won the division. This is the reason Cousins was hired. To win this game.

Mike Zimmer fired their OC within the last month, and was interpreted as an indication that their game calling was an issue. I’m starting to believe Mike Zimmer is the issue. There have been multiple offensive coordinators in the past few years that isn’t ideal. One of them was promoted as head coach to New York, but Turner resigned mid season and John DeFilippo was fired this season. That’s too much dysfunction on the other team, and it’s due to Zimmer would like to run ball, despite having an unimpressive offensive line. The Vikings have stellar receivers and should be passing more often than running. It is hoped that Mike Zimmer has an awakening in the offseason to the type of offense he must run, especially with the high-priced quarterback buy madden 23 coins.

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