Using Digital Signage for Internal Communication

Research shows that digital signage has the power to affect customers’ engagement and consuming habits more than many other forms of media and content delivery, and its popularity among businesses keeps on rising as it is being widely embraced worldwide. But while this type of effect that digital signage has on customers is somewhat self-explanatory, this may not be as obvious for corporate communication. In this article, we’re about to review some of the most pressing matters when it comes digital signage as an improvement to managing internal communication within corporations.

What is Digital Signage? 

Generally speaking, digital signage is the name given to a digital of any size – ranging from tablets to giant stadium screens – that displays dynamically customized content, usually from a business, in order to catch the customer’s eye. It can be used to promote, upsell, layout important updates and information regarding a brand or a product, or it could even be offered as a service to the public regarding traffic, wayfinding, local Wi-Fi and etc.

What is Internal Communication All About?

Internal communication is about keeping employees connected and informed, in a way that tells the unique story of the organization with emphasize on the individuals in the same organization. Internal communication is about establishing a great organizational culture, to bring all of the ends together to create a work place that is both enjoyable and productive.

Why Use Digital Signage for Internal Communication?

If you think of implementing a digital signage internal communication solution in your organization, but you’re still unsure of how could that benefit your company, we’re here to break things down for you. Here are few of the most prominent virtues signage internal communication solutions may hold for your organization:

1. Your employees can’t keep up with the emails, and let’s be honest, many of them aren’t even interested in doing so. Landing an immense amount of repetitive emails for any small update isn’t effective, and you and your HR team know it as well.

2. Screens grab attention. While opening your email or trying to keep track with the hundreds of unseen messages on slack requires being active, screens can get your main points across within seconds. Moreover, it has been proven that human beings just love screens – they don’t only grab attention because they’re large and colorful, we’re just programmed for looking at them and seeing what they have in store for us.

3. Meeting room booking systems made easy. Positioning a small screen displaying a booking system solves a lot of issues that may arise from the long time debate over meeting room occupation.

4. The right digital signage solution for internal communication could connect and bring together your employees from all levels and departments. Update your employees on the recent news from each division, so that everyone knows what is going down inside the organization – from developers to customer service specialists.

To conclude, if you feel like stepping up your organization’s internal communication game, it may be time to look for a corporate communication software.


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