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would seem like anathema Alexander McQueen Shoes to the look

They found themselves captivated by femme fatales as they began work on their latest collection. A new wave of cases threatened to derail Seoul’s first in-person Fashion Week since before the pandemic, but the faithful fashion crowd is still making its way to the city’s Museum of Craft Art and Han Collection to see the week’s best hybrid collections. Minimalism and streetwear continue to trend in Seoul, with black as the color of choice. As fast as they come in, they will be gone, leaving a graveyard of garments behind in the dust. Footwear labels are also releasing refreshed takes on the classic ballerina shoe. These ranged from sci fi to subsea. Additionally, Cohen redoubled his efforts around sustainability. An internal audit revealed that he was losing tens of thousands of dollars on fabric that ended up on the cutting room floor that’s tens of thousands of dollars per dress style. Now he’s putting those materials to work on those party pants and a matching slip dress, as well as on contrast linings that elevate his tailoring and as fabric covered stone appliques on an evening dress. We couldn’t produce the collection in Ukraine, because a lot of production is now focused on soldiers’ uniforms and equipment. A burst of red and dark berry notes lightened by a luminous, white woody accord. A slim circular frame milled from deer-print acetate, inspired by the Burberry animal kingdom. The real story, though, is about movement. Flutter hems would seem like anathema Alexander McQueen Shoes to the look, but here, Knowles and Arsenault have built a minidress with dozens of inset panels so the fabric dances around the model’s legs in a video by Jordan Hemingway. It’s sexy and innocent in an almost terrifying way.

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