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Bir Billing: A place to relax and rejuvenate

If you enjoy budget travelling and budget stay in Bir Billing, could be just the right place. The clear blue sky welcomes you in the lap of the nature. If you want to get the feel of the place, you will have to bring out the child within you. It is the place which cannot be done in a day or two, you would need minimum four to five days to know it. Bir Billing has a lot to offer from trekking to camping to adventure sport and more.

It is something for everyone and beauty of the place is you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the best of Bir Billing. There are several bread and breakfast lodging options and Bir Billing restaurant and café are known for offering best of hills. It is a small place but has several facets of beauty and wonder. The more you stay there, the more the city seems to become a part of you.

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Some quick points about Bir Billing

• The best time to visit Bir Billing is from March through June, but winters are also good, if you love the cool breeze

• It is known for paragliding and other adventure sports

• Though it has many budget stay hotels and lodging facilities but it is best to reserve a place before landing there

• Bir Billing has monasteries depicting Tibetan culture and offers meditation services, many visit for practicing and learning meditation

• It is not a very expensive place but cost depends on the duration of stay offers a very comfortable and cosy budget stay in Bir Billing and offers many entertainment services. If you wish to know more about the place and how to get the best out of Bir Billing tour package, then do visit the website today to know more.

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