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This Green Army will increase the difficulties of KD

The Green 2k23 mt Army’s method for suppressing DurantSince KD has been a defender that uses various scoring techniques, there are several ways to thwart KD, however they Green Army just used the two most effective strategies. One of them is to deplete KD’s physical strength to the greatest extent. Another is that he was constantly slapped when he dribbled.

Due to KD’s greater height as a result, he will have a higher middle of mass when dribbling the ball. When encountering defensive pressure from small players, KD’s action will be prolonged. In the end, players of the Green Army carefully studied KD’s dribbling method and found the best interference. Methodology, when KD dribbles the ball in the direction of his body to move in a different direction and is waiting to strike, when he is about to start the players of the Green Army will quickly shoot and take the ball.

This Green Army will increase the difficulties of KD getting the ball back and intensify the physical clash as much as it is possible to ensure that KD needs to consume the most physical strength each time he gets the ball. After KD was handed the ball, the green team didn’t hurry to join KD but they did double-team once KD began to dribble the ball. The delayed double-team strategy seriously reduced KD’s space for dribbling. When KD wanted to pass the ball to the Green Army, it was the Green Army would increase physical confrontation with KD and steal at the exact moment that KD altered. If KD together with the other players are engaged in an open-ended pick-and-roll situation and the green team is in a pick-and-roll, they will be able to change defenses in opposition to KD.This is the most awful thing about the Green Army’s defense.

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The Green Army’s array of defensive tactics against KD put KD under enormous defensive pressure whenever he was able to catch the ball. He also had to face a double team or in the midst of a group of dressed in green. The evidence shows that KD was under tremendous pressure from the Green Army is in, the midst of defending KD didn’t give him any breathing space, and Irving was also completely suppressed by Nba 2k23 mt the Green Army.How far can the green army, with its complete defensive system go in the end? Stay tuned to

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