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There are some powerful creeps scattered

You’ll want to train WoTLK Classic Gold more World of Warcraft as soon as possible, though, because the second attack will be made by a group of World of Warcraft flyers called gargoyles. The three initial World of Warcraft you have can take care of this first wave of gargoyles, but keep holy light ready to make sure you don’t lose any of them. By the time more gargoyles show up, you’ll have had time to make additional World of Warcraft and build more guard towers.

There are some powerful creeps scattered around the outskirts of your base, so now may be a good time to level up Arthas and Muradin if you choose. Muradin is a mountain king, and his storm bolt ability is especially effective against stronger enemies–not so much for the damage it deals as for the lengthy stun period it causes. While you’re leveling up your heroes, continue to climb the tech tree at your base by upgrading your town hall, which will allow you to build knights, priests, and mortar teams. After a while, the World of Warcraft attacks on your town will intensify, and soon a lich will join the raids. This World of Warcraft wizard can cast frost nova on your troops, which causes a hefty amount of splash damage to units adjacent to its target. With Arthas and Muradin supporting your troops, though, the lich won’t be much of a problem.

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Once you have a pretty well stocked army that is strong in melee, ranged, and siege combat, you can proceed northward in a straight line toward the dwarf base. If you encounter any forks in the path, keep bearing to the right. Before you get there, however, you’ll notice the telltale blight that signifies an World of Warcraft settlement. Use your mortar teams to take out any spirit towers guarding the base, and let your fighters deal with any enemies that emerge. As usual, deal with the necromancers first and let other units wait till later. Once you’ve destroyed this World of Warcraft settlement and reached the dwarves, you’ll buy WoTLK Gold gain a second gold mine, extra buildings, and a group of new forces, including steam Warcraft.

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