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The Warriors’ Green, Curry and Klay Thompson

This is not 2K MT as impressive as a substitute player since the second-core of the team is completely unqualified.Why has the recent performance not been as good. If Wiggins desires to become an experienced second-core player, it is necessary to make some tactical arrangement, but the coaching staff has not provided him the same treatment.

The Warriors’ Green, Curry and Klay Thompson have better ball handling demands than Wiggins and does not allow Wiggins to maximize their value.2. In the last few games he was unable to win, Wiggins had single-handed rounds with the ball. However, his ability to control and dribble the ball wasn’t great. Wiggins was forced to take his shot but was very inefficient.3. After being selected to the All-Star team, Wiggins has changed, thinking that his average of 18 points per game is entirely appropriate for the All-Star lineup. He then reduced his expectations. Then, in subsequent games Wiggins is able to shoot from mid-range. The ball won’t break and may even escape its conduction systems. Maybe the Warriors prior record and solid data gave him an illusion that maintaining the present level was sufficient. But now it seems that, for a player who earns a salary of 30 million, it is not even close to enough.

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The players who earned lower than him, played more complex and better than him on the court.From the point above, Wiggins’ most significant problem is that he does not approach the game in a positive manner. Maybe the coach gave him some tips but he’s not willing to show himself on the court. If Green and Klay aren’t there Other players, like Curry, All work very well, but he doesn’t play hard this is the reason why Curry was adamant about Wiggins at the time of the course of an interview.If Wiggins continues to play with such a relaxed attitude, NBA 2K will lower his rating in the next update. not only that, the Warriors could also be able to take Wiggins out; after all, he has an excellent salary, and an NBA 2K MT Coins important role in the team. However, there was no corresponding reward.

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