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The region of Outland accessible via The Dark Portal

Since its initial wow tbc classic gold release earlier in the month, World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic has taken players back to the state of Azeroth. The release of the original Burning Crusade expansion added new areas, content, and character options. Burning Crusade Classic is no different. With the addition of a brand new area, Outland, where the Burning Legion builds its army is a new zone that include dungeons, dungeons, as well as questlines for players to experience.

The region of Outland accessible via The Dark Portal, is the shattered floating remnants of the realm of Draenor. Outland is comprised of seven zones, each with its own nature and flora that you can interact with. One of these regions, Zangarmarsh, consists of an enormous mushroom field over a vast swampland. There’s four different dungeons within Zangarmarsh. The Underbog Dungeon, which is for players aged 61 to 80. has a boss battle that can lead to players receiving a powerful trinket. This is how you can get this Power Infused Mushroom in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic (and the purpose of it).

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To obtain the Power Infused Mushroom the players need to accept a questline from Zangarmarsh. Zangarmarsh is located just to the west of Hellfire Peninsula, the Outland beginning zone, which has its own dungeons and loot. Begin by going towards Sporeggar which is located in the lower left of Zangarmarsh, between Marshlight Lake and The Spawning Glen. In Sporeggar the players will meet an NPC known as Khn’nix. The purple humanoid will give players the challenge “Stalk to the Stalker”. Players must defeat the final monster that is part of The Underbog, The Black Stalker and bring back his brain for the mission. Players can choose between the Essence Infused Mushroom or the Power Infused Mushroom as the reward after completing.

Take a trip to the Underbog Dungeon inside Coilfang Resvoir and begin the adventure. Do not forget to accept quests from the quest-givers near the entrance to earn additional loot and experiences! Enter the dungeon, killing (or passing through) the mobs Underbog enemies along the way. In the Underbog is a simple layout for dungeons, with only one path leading to the end of the dungeon. Begin by following the southeast direction to one zone. Then, go then north to the second zone, and then west towards the final portion. The Buy wow tbc classic gold ending in The Underbog features The Black Stalker boss fight. You must defeat the Black Stalker, scavenge its brain and then turn into it to complete the quest.

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