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The majority of linebackers cannot madden 23


The majority of linebackers cannot cover downfield effectively. However the use of deep zones by every one of the front seven players can be beneficial since of the player’s slowness puts him in the perfect spot beneath the receiver to block the pass Mut 23 coins. In addition, having an defender in the front could help you gain some required extra height in the secondary to tackle tall receivers.

To hot-route a defender for deep zones, simply select the player you want to target and then press “A” (360) or “X” (PS5) and move the left analog stick upwards. Hook zones are an excellent method to slow down deep ins and slants across midfield. Click “A” (360) as well as “X” (PS5) as you move left and right analog sticks upwards. Hot routing a defensive player to do a QB Contain another strategy you can try for a slowdown on a quarterback who is running. Use the keys “A” (360) as well as “X” (PS5) as you move left and right analog sticks to the right.

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QB Contain routes usually do never attack the quarterback until he is in the area of the defense therefore, don’t use this method if you’re hoping to trigger a pass rush. To hot-route a defender to cover man-to-man an opponent, simply select the player and then press “A + the icon for receiver” (360) as well as “X + the icon for receiver” (PS5) then then shift the left analog stick to the to the left. Being able to position the defender in man-toman coverage of the receiver is an excellent method to ensure you are able to account for all your opponent’s players on the field.

The most effective man-to man defense on the top threat to your opponent’s receiving is to double-team the receiver. Hot routing a defensive player for a double-teaming of a receiver could be done in the exact way you assign the defender man-to-man coverage. Do this when there is already a corner man-to man against the receiver buy madden nfl 23 coins. Double-teaming a receiver does not necessarily mean that defense will try to play with the ball; but it does suggest players on offense will face a more difficult time securing the ball because two players are hitting him following the catch, rather than just one.

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