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The main reason is that the Grizzlies have only one Jaren inside

Grizzlies revamp defense Without Morant In the absence of 2K23 MT Morant Grizzlies performed better on the defensive front especially against Curry. The defense was tighter than it was prior to the change, but Poole and Klay seemed to be more at ease.

When Curry is playing with the ball, it is expected that the Grizzlies will do anything to prevent Curry from scoring a 3-pointer, push Curry to the floor to stop his shot and force Curry to release the ball. However, this could allow additional Warriors players to make three-point shots, it’s regret that they didn’t grasp it.I have to say this: Morant is the biggest weakness of the Grizzlies’ defense.

He’s thin, but the Grizzlies also made numerous mistakes when it came to with defense, which led to several good scoring opportunities for the Warriors during the opening two games.

The significance of Curry for the Grizzlies is more on the offensive end and he’s the Grizzlies’ most consistent scoring point.Warriors are a tough offensePoole and Curry’s break-through using the ball during the final game as well as Wiggins and Kuminga’s cut in the air was successful.

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The main reason is that the Grizzlies have only one Jaren inside, and the Warriors have to Cheap NBA 2K23 MT use the ball using a simple pick-and roll strategy.

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