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The game NBA 2K23 now launched

The game MT 2K23 now launched, many basketball players from all over the world are taking to the court regardless of whether it’s using the PC or console they prefer. Even if you’re hoping to beat the defender on the way to the rim for a huge dunk, sometimes things just don’t go your way, and error codes in the game could be the most difficult obstacle. If you’re stuck on how to solve Error Code 4B538E50 of NBA 2K23 below is what you’ll need to know.

Repairing Error Code 4B538E50 In NBA 2K23.For the first time, Error Code 4B538E50 within NBA 2K23 is related to the connectivity for Online Play. The issue could be on your end, or it has something to do with the servers. Your first stop should be monitoring the server status of NBA 2K23, which can be accomplished via the NBA 2K website.

If all is good on the server’s side, then troubleshooting can be conducted on the part of the player. Rebooting either the console or the PC can likely resolve any lingering problems, but if there is still a problem, the best option is to remove the game and getting a fresh installation underway. This may take some time however, it’s far more probable to eliminate the error code.

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You can also keep an eye out on the 2K Support Twitter feed, which has up to date information regarding the game as well as other possible issues to look out for.

Here’s everything you should learn about fixing Error 4B538E50. 4B538E50 within NBA 2K23. For more information on the world of basketball, make certain to go through the information below. For other scenarios, you can consult our numerous guides, including how to perform the pick and roll, fake pass, and even how to challenge calls to enhance your NBA 2K23 experience even more enjoyable.

This surely is a new Record? The pre-loads are starting to roll out for players to download the PS5 version of NBA 2K23, and the game weighs a whopping 143GB in size. This means it’ll take up about a third the space available on a brand new console, assuming that you haven’t added an extra SSD but. The basketball sim is renowned for its massive install sizes however, it typically tops at or around 100GB.

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This year’s release does seem very large to be honest, and comes with a Michael Jordan-themed campaign mode, which features documentary-like interludes. Additionally, it has several commentary teams for its age specific Franchise mode meaning the play-by-plays change as you move through the years.

It’s clear that it’s an overwhelming package, NBA2king Sports is going need to reduce these dimensions down over time. In the here and now it’s true that this game is quite a beast, so if you’re planning to play on the launch day be sure to have time set aside to get everything downloaded. You’re sure to need it!

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