The final item you will find at the Lost Ark market is the Gem Chest Lost Ark Gold. Gem Chest is also very essential for a Lost Ark player. Gem Chests are typically obtained after completing several levels in the Lost Ark, but these can also be traded on the market.

This is a great method of earning Gold through the sale of your belongings and even the junk you don’t really need. With all these tips you will be able to earn an impressive amount of Gold.

How do you sell items in the Market

The game of Lost Ark Selling items in Market Online is even simpler than purchasing items from the marketplace. You can add the item that you intend to sell to the market by clicking the Add Item choice. You will have an inventory from which you are able to select the item you’d like to trade.

After that, set the price of the item you plan to sell. Then, set up the Listing period for the product. The listing period is the time you want your item to be available in the market It could be for a day or 10 days.

It will be impossible to return the item until it has completed its deposit period after which the item will be removed from your inventory. The value of the item is determined by your sales total, not tax. Items with Bound to Roster attributes cannot be sold. Bound to Roster attribute can are not sold.

You should be aware that you must pay tax to sell an item. With every item, you must pay a 5percent tax, which is the transaction fee per item. For example, for 100 gold-priced items you must pay 5 gold as a tax fee towards an organization called the Lost Ark.

There’s also a Deposit per item cost that increases when you deposit the item for three days. The deposit per item cost is returned after the game, whereas the Transaction Fee isn’t returned to the player.

The Lost Ark Market has to follow the rule so the market isn’t flooded with players’ offers which helps keep a balance between the transaction value and the items best place to buy Lost Ark Gold.

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