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The entire armor is recyclable

Why are Third age OSRS gold armor prices so high?

Everyone who is a seasoned RuneScape player is aware that there are a variety of age groups in Gielinor. One of the most well-known are The Third Age armor, which is also known as the Age from The God Wars. The time of the age came to an end when the Forthright had been destroyed however it left behind some artifacts that remain in use to play the game. One of these is the Third Age armor, made up of four sets of armor: * melee; * mage * ranger; * prayer.

The entire armor is recyclable and weighs just a less than 2 kilograms.

RuneScape 3rd Age Armor

Melee set

The set is priced at 901.656.518 coins , as you need to purchase the complete platelegs, helmet, platebody and kiteshield. It’s the second expensive set in the armor of the Third Age and one of the most expensive sets of the entire game due to its rarity.

It is important to remember, that you can’t make this armor using Something and you have to purchase the parts (not the entire set) through the Grand Exchange. If a player wishes to make use of this armor it is necessary to have an extremely high Defense level. It has at least 65.

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Mage set

If you want to be a mage and possess a third-age armor set, you’ll need to invest 421M coins since you’ll need purchase a mage’s cap, robe top, amulet and robe.

Ranger set

If you’d like to own an older set of rangers it is likely that you will be paying 138 million as you’ll need to purchase top, range coif legs, vambraces and. In comparison to the armor of this period the ranger set is the most affordable, however it is also the most rare of pieces and that’s why people tend not to sell it.

Prayers set

The complete set is priced at 1.526M coins , as you need to purchase a druidic wreath and robe top, as well as the actual robe, cloak , and an druidic staff. Like the Melee set it is required to be able to attain Buy RuneScape gold Defense at a level of 65. However, for this set, you’ll also must raise your prayer levels to minimum 65.

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