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The changes made These changes make FIFA 23


Rogue tackles will also make you vulnerable by holding the associated buttons for too long can create a dangerous crunching commitment that sometimes pays off – but FIFA 23 coins, most of the time it can result in an unforgiving penalty. It turns tackling the last one back into a risky but inherently thrilling task.

The changes made These changes make FIFA 23 a more sluggish game that FIFA 22 but the consequence is that games are always meaningful. There’s an abundance of drama in each half, usually many goals per game across single-player and onlinegames, and very few 0-0 draws. As with the adolescent drama Any goal that is worth its weight will bring a win-landing slow-motion replay that includes overlayed statistics, guaranteeing that hard drives and social feeds all over the world will be filled with viral goal-related videos by the time the year is over.

Set Pieces are also convincing giving you more control over the curvature and force of your corners as well as free kicks. It took a while for me to get used to the free kicks, but they grew on me eventually, as they’re far more complex and superior to the chaotic stick-pulling that I experienced in previous years. The Penalty shootouts take place like a thrilling dance game, played to the gods.

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FIFA 23 also features an overhaul in the visuals – but this is much more iterative gradual than last year’s leap into PS5 as well as Series X – focusing this time around scuff-happy grass as well as the bouncy hairstyles. The main focus is on football player animations rather than actual faces, which still vary wildly in quality among cover stars, regular players buy FUT 23 coins, and the cult-like crowd.

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