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The Blast Furnace will be utilized as explained

The first time you go OSRS gold for the Blast Furnace, you’ll have to walk. Then, you can begin The Giant Dwarf quest on the way to Keldagrim after which there’s no need to go on with the quest . Instead, you’ll be able to head straight to the furnace. After making this journey once you’ll have the ability to use the Blast Furnace Minigame Teleport to go back to it in the near future.

The Blast Furnace will be utilized as explained in the techniques below. For the time being, it is all you need to be aware of. The fastest method of getting XP when Smithing is to use the Blast Furnace. there are several items that will really help you out:

Ice Gloves

The first is Ice Gloves, which mitigate the requirement to put an entire bucket of water on the bars each time you’re trying to take them. They are available by defeating the Ice Queen in the White Wolf Mountain. It requires level 50 Mining and the ability of killing the queen (although she is at a high level however, she can easily be killed by praying for protection).

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Goldsmith Gauntlets

Goldsmith gauntlets are one of the three possible rewards for gloves from Family Crest quest, along with Cooking gauntlets and Chaos gauntlets. They are available by bringing the mystical steel gauntlets (along with 25.000 gold) to Avan the thief who is found on the Al Kharid mine. If equipped, players receives 56.2 credits for every gold bar. They are vital for anyone interested in achieving 99 Smithing while using traditional methods.

Graceful Outfit

Another essential item to pick before beginning Smithing is the Graceful Outfit. The Blast Furnace method requires the use of a lot of running. Thus, having an outfit called the Graceful Outfit before you start will cheap RuneScape gold decrease the amount of Stamina Potions required, thus significantly reducing the expense of training.

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