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Web application architectures represent the interaction between components and user interface. Web architecture is the process of designing, Mobile app development company Bangalore ,creating and implementing an internet based computer programs. every page is a combination of text, picture, audio, video, animation & hyperlink.

Points of Website Development

  • Goals
  • Designing and user interface
  • Performance
  • Speed
  • Working frame
  • Knowledge required
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Growth
  • Scalability
  • Efficiency

How can I improve website design?

  • Freshen content regularly
  • Call to action
  • Add information prominently
  • Add images and videos
  • Current updating
  • Improve speed
  • Make it mobile responsive.

Reason for website failure

  • Website is not optimized
  • Bad website design
  • Lack of promotion
  • Slow page load time
  • Google optimization not performed
  • No addition of call to action buttons
  • Broken links and pages.
  • Poor navigation

Websites mistakes

  • Not suitable for mobile device
  • Grammar mistakes
  • Forgetting social media
  • Lack of site map
  • Not testing before publishing
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Non- adaptive images
  • Flash

Some examples of terrible web development in 2022

  • ZARA
  • eBAY
  • Madewell
  • paper source
  • IMDb
  • Fandango
  • CNN
  • NYU
  • Craigslist
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What it got wrong in ten instances How web design terrible web architecture

  • ZARA –  unconventional navigation
  • Wayfair- lack of visual hierarchy
  • Ebay- complex product pages
  • Madewell- unclear mobile navigation
  • Paper source- outdated design
  • IMDb- cluttered layout
  • Fandango- no clear CTAs
  • CNN- slow load time
  • NYU- color
  • Craigslist- non- responsive design

Zara case study

  • Strengths

Brand awareness

Fast delivery

Cost efficiency

Good financial position

Consumer orientation strategy

  • Weaknesses

Short lead time

Minimum marketing

Lack of e-commerce

Lack of advertising

Bad reputation

  • Opportunities

Numerous stores

Market digitalization

Demand for high fashion at affordable prices

  • Threats

Design challenges

Global and local competitors

eBay case study Mobile app development company Chennai

  • Industry (e-commerce)
  • Obey user (for 2 years)
  • Company size (300+)
  • Work type (remote/ WFM)


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