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What is a freelancer?

The term freelancer emerged in a very unusual way. Its first appearance was in medieval literature, in which knights made their war services available to anyone willing to pay.

Hence the name freelance—free spearman—in which mercenary people placed themselves at the disposal of the nobility who decided to pay for their services. Time has passed, technological innovation has arrived, and the term remains more current than ever — especially in times of remote and digital work.

Technically, freelance work is a form of autonomous service provision. This means that its realization does not imply an employment relationship between the person providing the service and the person who hires it. Initially, the idea may generate a “walking back”, but it has its advantages.

The biggest banner of the modality is based on the flexibility of this job category. Being a freelancer — as people who work with this are informally called —, the person gains greater control over their performance in the market, as they are exempt from a series of normal conventions of a traditional job.

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In this modality, the person does not need to clock, follow restricted hours, establish an employment relationship, or anything like that. The relationship is unilateral, only between the person providing the service and the person who is hiring. It is precisely this simplification that leverages the category to the success of current times.

This bureaucratization causes a great reduction in costs. For companies, hiring freelancers is much more economically advantageous, as it is not necessary to pay for recruitment and interview stages, nor to pay for the labor guarantees of the CLT modality.

Whoever is a freelancer is launched into a market that tends to pay better and in which there are no such strict obligations to carry out their work. Thus, the modality has been gaining consistent popularity in recent years, especially among startups.

But of course, everything has its pros and cons, as this excess of freedom and autonomy comes at a cost. Without an employment relationship, the freelancer does not have the same stability as the CLT regime, which, by presenting a series of guarantees, discourages unjustified dismissal. But this will be a detail that we will explain better later.

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In the freelance mode, each service provided is a mini-contract. This means that your relationship with that contractor may end after that opportunity or continue permanently. This will depend, almost exclusively, on the quality of your service and the willingness of those who hire you.


Therefore, whoever decides to “make their launches available” to the market, must understand the importance of good networking. The larger and more faithful your network of contacts, the more consistent the flow of services will be, keeping your schedule busy and your budget stocked.

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