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Top 10 Reasons Why Mobile App Development Is Important For Your Business

Smartphone devices are not new in the market; now, almost all have their preferred devices. The thing that catches the eyes of users is mobile apps. On average, millions of apps launch daily, and among all applications, only unique applications attract users.

Have you ever thought that?

– Why do top app development companies in the world launch mobile apps?
– Why are businesses continuously focusing on implementing something unique with their respective app?
– Why are there lots of apps submitted by the app developers on the platforms such as the iOS App Store and
Google Play Store?


You will be surprised to know that there are several reasons behind the answers to these questions. Initially, you can understand it as-.

Now customers’ behavior is changed instead of traversing from point to point and store to store. They found online shopping much interesting as it saves their time and provides ample options for purchasing goods of their choice and quantity. In support of this, there are some statistics that you would like to read.

  • The mobile app revenue curve is exponentially going upward. In 2014, the revenue was 97.7 billion US dollars where it is projected to reach 936 billion USD in 2023.
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  • The most popular app categories are social media apps (88%) and chat apps (91%), which enterprises use for brand promotion.


  • In 2018, total mobile app downloads worldwide were 218 billion.


  • In Q1-2021, the number of apps available is 3.48 million on the Google play store and 2.5 million on the Apple app store.

All these statistics are confirmed by top app developers worldwide, and there is considerable demand for app development due to the rising demand of customers. The key reason behind this rapid change is businesses are using it as a great tool for monetizing their business and products. If you are also a start-up, then it is the time’s need that it would be better for you to have a fine app for your business.

Mobile apps are such a great thing if you are searching to take your business a step ahead. For example, if you are planning to launch your gami


ng app, you must know that 52% of gaming app u

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sers are women to plan your app accordingly.

A mobile app promise growth not only for one business segment even for all businesses. You can also analyze it by the following infographic by Think with Google.

Why Your Business Requires Mobile App Development? 

Once, mobile devices were used as a status symbol, fashion, and entertainment. Although these points are still applicable, it has become a need because we do a lot of work with the help of smartphones, such as from messaging to but the clothes or groceries online. From the business point of view, brands are leveraging these latest trends. Now, for business growth, it is necessary to have an app to serve the customers best. It makes mobile app development on the verge of where app development companies are working round the clock to develop solutions for enterprises.

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