Liposomal Formulation

Liposomes have received attention not only because of their use as a model membrane system, but also for drug delivery. As a drug delivery system, liposomes have significant therapeutic advantages in the targeting and controlled release of active ingredients.

Introduction of Liposomal Formulation

Liposomes are an ideal drug delivery system because they are similar in morphology to cell membranes and can incorporate various substances. Therefore, liposomes have been widely studied in recent 50 years, and continue to be the hotspot of research. As the optimal drug delivery system for biologically active substances both in vitro and in vivo, liposomes have attracted much attention due to their biological and technological advantages, and are considered to be the most successful drug delivery system so far. Liposomal formulations can be used to overcome the non-ideal properties of drugs, such as limited solubility, serum stability, circulation half-life, biodistribution and target tissue selectivity.

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