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Strategies to Defeat WOW Classic Grobbulus Boss in Naxxramas

Grobbulus is the boss encountered in the Abomination Wing of WOW Classic Naxxramas raid. Defeating it will award you Splinter of Atiesh, tier 3 tokens and other rewards.

How to defeat Grobbulus WOW Classic in Naxxramas?

The fight with Grobbulus boss heavily relies on the Main Tank to control the boss. Before the fight, all players should pre-pop Greater Nature Protection Potion. To defeat Grobbulus, you have to know its several abilities:
1. Poison Cloud
Casting it can form a small green circle on the ground which can become larger. Players inside the circle will be taken the nature damage. So the Main Tank need to kite Grobbulus to leave the poison clouds in a line.
2. Mutating Injection
It will deal a Disease debuff. When the debuff ends or is cleansed, there will be a new Poison Cloud on the ground. So players hit by the ability should move away from the raid and place the poison cloud in formation.
3. Slime Spray
Hit by this ability will summon Fallout Slime that can be dealt by melee. Main Tank should keep Grobbulus facing away from melee.
4. Slime Stream
It deals the massive damage over time. Main Tank should move Grobbulus slowly to avoid triggering this spell.
5. Enrage
It occurs at 12 minute mark, dealing a massive buff to attack speed and attack damage.

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Drops obtained after killing WOW Classic Grobbulus

Once you defeat Grobbulus, you can be able to receive these drops:
– Splinter of Atiesh
– Desecrated Pauldrons: tier 3 token for Warrior, Rogue.
– Desecrated Shoulderpads: tier 3 token for Priest, Mage, Warlock.
– Desecrated Spaulders: tier 3 token for Paladin, Hunter, Shaman, Druid.
– Icy Scale Spaulders: mail Frost Resistance shoulders
– Toxin Injector
– The End of Dreams: Druid/Shadow Priest one-hand mace
– Midnight Haze
– Glacial Mantle: cloth Frost Resistance shoulders

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