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Star Wars Collection Bundles 14 Games for $21 25 Free Games

It’s a great way to get the Shadowlands Collector’s WOTLK Classic Gold edition also comes with an art book, the Shattered Sky mouse pad, a four-pin collector’s set, and the soundtrack for digital playback. The Shadowlands Collector’s Edition is available for pre-order on Amazon, Best Buy, and at the Blizzard Gear Store.

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In addition to the Collector’s Edition, Blizzard also announced a beta-test for World of Warcraft : Shadowlands to be released in the next week. The expansion features four Covenants, and choosing one will unlock faction-specific content, a full max-level campaign as well as specialized features. Shadowlands is also introducing a brand new epic dungeon zone called The Theater of Pain along with Sandbox areas called the Maw. For more on the upcoming expansion, take a look at our overview of the key details of the Blizzard’s Shadowlands event.

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