“So what do we need to do to bring back the nostalgia of the day WoW WOTLK

“We have been talking about classic servers for  WOTLK Gold a long time. It’s an issue at every BlizzCon especially in the last couple of days,” Brack said. “From ongoing discussions in the internal team to meetings after hours with the leadership the topic is a topic that has been extensively debated.

“While we’ve considered the possibility of support for classic servers], there’s no clear legal route to protect Blizzard’s IP and also grant the operating licence to an illegal server.”

He said: “We explored options for creating classic servers, but none of them could be implemented with ease. If we could press one button and all this could be done then we could. However, there are a lot of operational difficulties in integrating the classic servers and the constant support of several live versions for all aspects in WoW WOTLK classic.”

Despite the fact that the decision was to block non-authorized classic servers from running, Brack said that a new world that offers an experience that is similar to the original World of Warcraft is “still an open issue for debate.”

“So what do we need to do to bring back the nostalgia of the day WoW WOTLK classic first began? Through the years, we’ve spoken of a ‘pristine world.’ This would basically turn off all acceleration for leveling, including transfer of characters as well as characters with boosts, heirloom gear Bonuses for Recruit-A-Friend, WoW WOTLK classic Token, and access to zones that cross realms and a the group searcher.

“We aren’t sure if this new version of buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold a blank slate would be popular with the community, and it’s an ongoing topic of debate.”Brack stressed that Blizzard’s stance on the issue after the closing “definitely isn’t reflective of the level of our engagement or enthusiasm around this issue,” and said it has been in touch with Nostalrius its managers.”They clearly care about the sport, and we’re looking forward further conversations with them in the weeks ahead.”

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