So Far I’ve managed to find a few through

I’ve recently started playing Runescape again after about 2 years or so of inactivity. I’ve started on the old level 3 skiller , and RuneScape Gold I believe I’ll continue with this account for quite a long time, at most. The question I am asking has to do the following skills. I’m sure there are some different ways to train, and techniques I could probably do however I’m not sure the meaning of these skills or the best way to practice them.

I’m also a big fan of DUI methods, and I’ll choose the slower path that will earn more money than the faster one that is less profitable every day. The current time I’m mining $9K Coal in the guild to earn 70 Mining. This leaves… What can an experienced person efficiently learn Farming? All I know is catch fish at Catherby and then farm as I go about it However, I don’t believe I’d be able to earn much exp from it.

What’s a good way for a skiller to train how to thieve? I’m normally inclined to just do Stalls but the guards are able to kill me pretty easily. What is the quickest method to practice Runecrafting? I’m really not sure what to do , other than Air Runes and that will take all day. What’s the best way to increase agility? As I said, I’m unable to do much damage since my health level is only 10. Also, am I able to go Dungeoneering? If you have any answer, or simply an informational link to help me out would be appreciated.

So Far I’ve managed to find a few through lamps. and the Summoning Skill Quest provided me with lots of Gold Ones. I’ve attempted to “freeload” to play Soul Wars win lose or tie games to earn zeal points to purchase charms.. I’ve even attempted it with a friend thought its similar to Castle War, where you can play one-on-one in a game that is private. (fail)

The only thing I’m looking at is try to get my hunter to level 54 before using it for Spirit Sprites. Are there any other things I might be missing? (note I dont fight, so just killing monsters isn’t what i need to do) I’m thinking… all I need is for the Obelisk and my home is complete.

For anyone who was in the cc this evening, you’ll know that I have finally decided to do woodcutting as my first 99. I wanted a job which couldn’t be “bought,” per se. I’ll probably use one of these (fletching or cooking) to Buy OSRS Gold cut my cape for woodcutting.

This is the issue: I’m not sure how I can get there. It’s obvious that I’ll be required to complete this process fast before I become insane. So I was wondering what’s the most efficient method to earn some decent profits from 71-99? If you have a solution that involves changing the types of trees used or a different approach then please describe it. If you recommend the milling process, could you elaborate on how it functions? I’ve heard that it’s an excellent xp, but I’m not certain how to go about it , or if it will cost money.

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