Simply sign in to the game with the correct account

Gamers who like to play on PC but use their mobile device when away from home could not be more thrilled to learn about Diablo 4 Gold would be not exclusively playable on both, but it would also preserve their progress allowing them to use either device to play one character.

The disappointment of players is understandable when players spend time and effort in building up their character in Diablo 4. only to discover that their character isn’t showing as expected, instead, they are presented with an empty option to start over. This is an issue that is common however, much to the relief for anyone that feels like they’ve been robbed, it’s very easy to fix.

Use the same server

The vast majority of gamers who suffer from this problem can fix it with just a few clicks on the log-in screen. The game will suggest a server to play on however, that server isn’t necessarily the one with the characters of the player.

To find the server with the character that is currently in use you need to click on the name of the server in the title logo. Then, move to the correct location and server. Upon switching to this server, the majority of players will see their characters appearing on the following screen.

Log In On Both Devices

If you’re not sure, the solution might be a little more complex. If the two devices are both on the same server, however they don’t share the character The issue is the log-in. Users must be logged in with the same account in order for the two devices to utilize cross-progression, otherwise the game treats them as two different players , each with their own character in the identical server.

The issue usually is fixed quickly since the first question will be asking whether there’s another device that is being used. However, if , for some reason, this question was not answered but it’s not too late. Simply sign in to the game with cheap Diablo IV Gold the correct account , and navigate to the right server, as mentioned above in order to be synced.

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