This video is going to be a little bit more WoTLK Gold unique and have a reason. It’s also a little distinct, as I’m really in my own world and it’s a nice change. To be honest. In reality, I’m joined by Marco We’re going to discuss a number of topics, lots of economic issues and fresh servers are probably the main focus, you’ll be able to learn a few points from this even if you’re planning to use existing servers.

But definitely, if you’re on a new server You’ll definitely want to tune in because we’re talking about the various ways that will ensure you’re prepared for those important milestones such as getting your ground mount you know, getting your incredible ground mount and being able be able to take off at 60.

All the things you can do from one and 80. but seven, eight during the prior patch, and I hope that you take just one or two things away from this, that will be good. That’s it Marco, over to you If you’d like to introduce yourself to everyone.

Thank you so much for inviting me to be on.

I was the blogger for a regular morning blog, called only my two copper. It was mostly focused on wrath content and making gold while leveling.

How did it all come about? When did you start your journey? When did you end that sort of thing I

was in the process of thinking buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold about it.

By hgdrg

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