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Best Tips to Get Your Prom Dress with Occasion

Prom is such an exciting time in a high school student’s life, but some tend to be a little anxious waiting for their dream prom dresses online date to invite them to prom. And, if you haven’t heard about the latest “marriage proposal” trend – it sounds like it is. A guy or girl plans an elaborate, often bombastic proposal to invite their date to a ball. While most ideas are usually cute or interesting, not every “proposal” is foolproof. Here are five ways to not invite someone to prom:

Don’t “make a big fuss” about it. Don’t fill her locker with ten bags of baking flour and include a note asking if she likes those “flours” enough to go to prom with you. Those bags always break and cause a mess – but on the other hand, if you guys plan at least you guys will be ready, I don’t know – to bake a hundred pies together?
Posting questions all over his car. Don’t go out and buy fifty packs of Post-it notes in assorted colors and stick them on his car spelling out the question “Prom?” Sure, you might feel like a modern-day Picasso, but he’s the one who keeps removing all the stickies from his car for the rest of the day.
Ask her in the form of a sunburn. Don’t lie on the beach with big cardboard letters that spell P-R-O-M-? on your back, then rely on your fresh lobster red skin to do what you ask for. She’ll think you’re crazy, and you’re running into a potential case of sun poisoning.
Let him pretend to be arrested. Don’t convince the cops to pull your date over, pretend to arrest him and throw him in the back of a police car—while surprising him in his seat with “Will you come to the prom with me?” symbol. You should not use law enforcement to get your people to agree.
Fake college rejection letters. Don’t type out a letter from her first choice college stating that she won’t be able to enroll in the fall and then mention in the last paragraph that the school might reconsider their decision if she goes to prom. Ruining someone’s future isn’t the cutest thing in the world.

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