2023 Most Popular Prom Dresses Colors for you

While your options are nearly endless when it comes to prom dress colors, some colors are still tried and true. These are the most popular prom dress colors:

Blue – Because it comes in so many different shades, blue has something for everyone. The variety of colors is what makes it so popular. Whether you’re looking for a modern, classic or vintage look, you can find a blue dress to suit your vibe.
Red – Red is a sultry, sexy color that also feels sophisticated. This color works on all skin tones and is another popular color for prom.
White – While this color is often associated with weddings, many girls choose to wear it to prom. It’s an easy-to-accessorize color that pairs well with rich skin tones. White is also a common color on the red carpet, so it is very popular among American teenagers.
Black – Black is a popular gown color for prom because it helps hide imperfections. Black fabric can make your figure look slimmer, and it’s an easy color to wear.
Pastels – These delicate, pastel shades are gaining popularity. Whether they make up an entire gown or feature a theme or pattern, muted colors can create a fun and flirty look for prom.
Jewel Tones – These deep, romantic colors look stunning on a variety of skin tones, making them very popular at prom. Burgundy, emerald, navy and deep purple are very common jewel tones for ball gowns.
Neutrals – From champagne to eggshell and blush, neutral shades are a very popular color for prom. If you’re looking for a neutral ball gown, be sure to choose a shade that suits your skin tone.
Metallics – Shiny, sparkly ball gowns are always in demand. Prom is the time to stand out, so many are on the lookout for dresses made from fabrics with a sheen, or ones with lots of embellishments and beading.

What color should my prom dress be?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question – your prom dress should be any color you want! If you’re not sure where to start, consider all your favorite colors. Are you a fan of cool tones or do you prefer warmer tones? If you can’t decide on a color, consider finding a pattern that has all the colors. Ball gowns are available in a variety of colors and designs, making it easy to find the right fit for your look.

What are prom colors?

Prom colors can be any color you want. Choosing a gown for prom is all about your personal style, so you can wear it in almost any color or combination of colors you like!

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