RuneScape Is Now Available On Steam, Get Your Free Goodie Bag Now

runescape ranch out of time update bannerRunescape is now live on Steam as announced back in September. Steam players can now reap the benefits of playing the game on Steam such as exclusive subscription packs, Steam trading cards, achievements, special customization options, and full cross-platform support. Steam players will also have a dedicated support team to handle all their feedback and inquiries.

To celebrate the game’s launch on Steam, all players will be eligible to claim a Steam Goodie Bag from October 14th through November 14th. The goodie bag contains “all sorts of surprises” and can be claimed by players level 100 and up who have completed the Burthorpe Achievement Path which means that new players will have to do a bit of legwork before they can claim one for themselves.

The Ferocious gloves must be made from Hydra leather which is a drop from the Alchemical Hydra. You’re gonna need to get a hammer and Hydra leather, which you can buy from GE. Next, you have to go into The Lithkren Vault located in the ruins of a dragonkin castle on Lithkren.

In the north-east corner of the Vault, next to the pool you can find a machine in the south-west corner, which you can use to turn Hydra leather into Ferocious gloves OSRS. Also, if you wish to sell the gloves, you can use the same machine to revert it to a piece of Hydra leather.

The Ferocious gloves are the best in the game, they are very good for PKing. OSRS Ferocious gloves give more than the Barrows gloves, but i don’t see why you can’t use them both in different situations. Also, you can buy Hydra leather from the Grand Exchange with Up to 7% off runescape 3 gold for around 17m, in case you don’t want to kill the Alchemical Hydra and get the leather from her.

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