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Return to Azzanadra and he guides you


After Zamorak’s death He falls to the ground, then turns black, and then shatters to the ashes. The sword he left behind is with RS gold a stab that is inserted into the ground. Then you fall on your back with your legs straight, and your arms stretched out. the right hand lets go of your godly weapon, it transforms into a normal weapon. the obsidian maul of Bandos, the other three have their items changed into dragon items of the same type.

A requiem tune plays in the background, and you begin to see visions of change. The wilderness transforms into a lush paradise. Varrock and West Ardougne become shining cities. Slowly, evil begins disappear until the world is a better place. The camera turns black as you fall asleep. Then, slowly, you wake up at the exact same location in an unknown area. However, it appears to be exactly the place in which Zamorak was defeated.

Return to Azzanadra and he guides you to another room within the pyramid. Then you are greeted by Zaros, who thanked you, and then gave you an empty casket. It includes a letter, a set clothes and a weapon.

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Accept this gift of a pair of my robes. They’ll shield you from the harsh desert sun and sand, while providing protection against monsters too. Six brothers offer a better explanation. They may be familiar to you. They were equipped with armor and weapons so strong they could protect themselves from all types of monsters, but they were cursed after they were spotted by a stranger. They all contracted with minor wounds and eventually suffered a slow and painful death. They are buried now in large mounds close to the great city vampyres.

Treasure hunters search for their armor, but most do not return. My robes can withstand all the armor they wear, but they only have one-sixth of the strength. My cloak and scarf are essential if you wish to survive in my dungeon, they are able to shield you from dust, sands, ash, etcetera. They are known as dust devils by human beings. They are protected by the scarf you wear. My sword is twice as powerful as the dragonite two-handed sword yet it’s so light that it can be held by one hand. My amulet provides you with the accuracy, defense power, strength, and divineness of an amulet.

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The Jagex need to form a combo of Smithing and Mining Guild. It would require lvl 60 in each to enter however, it is important that people who are just great miners/smithers have a door that separates them. Mining Guild Re-Vampedc’mon seriously, five mithril rock and about 30 coals. I’d say 15-20 mithril 10-12 adamant, 3-5, and OSRS buy gold some 8-12 gold. This would make it popular and highly overpopulated which is why it’s not as runite.

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