Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has been fined $100.000 by the Madden NFL 23 to be found guilty of interference with Madden 23 coins a game in progress during the game of his team at Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens last Thursday night According to Ian Rapoport. The league may also look into degrading or taking away an undrafted player once this year’s order is set.

In The third period of this Thanksgiving day game, Tomlin entered the path of Ravens return man Jacoby Jones when Jones went along the sideline, in front of the Steelers’ bench. Jones was forced to change direction and was instantly caught from behind. Although the Ravens went on to win, 22-20. the play instantly became the top weekend incident, and the league began an investigation into the incident.

Tomlin made it clear that the Steelers at risk to lose more than draft picks Pittsburgh could forfeit draft picks. But Tomlin’s blunder has cost the Steelers many more than the Madden NFL 23 can take from them.

While Tomlin said the incident was an accident, a video appeared earlier this week and revealed the coach was stepping towards the edge of the field in what appeared to be a deliberate act. The league determined that Tomlin was in violation of Rule 13. Section 1. Article 4 within the Madden NFL 23 Rule Book that prohibits coaches from walking into the white border that surrounds the playing field.

Tomlin released an apology shortly after the decision was announced on Wednesday.

As I mentioned yesterday I fully accept responsibility for my actions and I am sorry for bringing negative publicity toward The Pittsburgh Steelers organization. I am accepting the penalty I was given. I won’t be discussing this issue because I’m currently preparing for an important game this Sunday, against Miami Dolphins. Miami Dolphins.

The punishment loosely follows the example established by a comparable 2010 incident at the sideline, in which New York Jets assistant Sal Alosi tripped a Miami Dolphins player. Alosi was suspended for the remainder of the season. Additionally, the team was punished with a fine of $100.000.

“SB Nation’s” Ravens blog site, Baltimore Beatdown, considers the penalty appropriate.

The penalty is in line with the crime, especially considering Tomlin is part of the Madden NFL 23 competition committee. He was aware of the rules, and regardless of whether his intention was to get in Jones’s way or not, he could not have been allowed to cross that white line along the sideline.

Ravens fans will likely be cheering that buy madden coins decision.

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