Almost 11 years ago when Tyler and I got married, we didn’t even consider getting a wedding video. Even if we did, I don’t think we could have afforded it. So here we are… wedding videographers who don’t have their own wedding video!

Here are a few reasons why WE regret not investing in a wedding video:

  1. Wedding vows & talk. This is what the whole day is about! Being able to hear each other profess our love and devotion, and hear the encouraging words of our officiant would be very helpful during difficult patches. These are some of the most important moments of the day as they can shape the way we view the rest of our marriage.
  2. The procession. Have you realized that the bride doesn’t see the procession? It did not dawn on me until later that I will miss that crucial moment. The only part of the day I was truly picky about was the procession song and it would mean so much to watch it all come together.
  3. Dances. The moment after our Grand Entrance when Tyler spun me around into our first dance was my favorite part of the whole day and I wish that it had been caught on film. I loved the goofy way my dad danced with me, making me laugh and cry all at the same time. Now that he is gone, I would sell a kidney to see footage of that.
  4. Speeches. My father-in-law gave a memorable speech that we would love to be able to listen to again, corny jokes included! The well-wishing words of loved ones, whether from the best man or mother-of-the-bride can be some of the most meaningful expressions you will hear in your lifetime and they deserve to be preserved.
  5. Family. There are ones who are now deceased who I would love to be able to hear their voice one more time or see their mannerisms as they were during our wedding. Those memories are warmly cherished by all.

Sure, no one NEEDS a wedding video, but will you WANT one a few years after the wedding as memories fade? Probably. The way that video rushes you back into the emotion of the day is something that cannot be undervalued. Talk to some friends and see if they feel like their video was worth it. Remember that this day will never be repeated and consider a wedding video. You will thank me later.

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