The most disappointing thing is that Westbrook believes that he’s an elite athlete. He was completely unaffected for the team’s mishaps in his post-game interview last season. Westbrook has an ego for basketball that’s extremely hard to break. Perhaps the folks the at 2k23 mt can break that confidence a bit however. The ratings for the game are beginning to be released and Westbrook’s ranking isn’t that of a star player (which Westbrook thinks he’s). It’s that of an average bench player.

Russell Westbrook was given an ugly 78 overall rating on NBA 2K23.

The Lakers’ fortunes changed dramatically in the case of Los Angeles Lakers when the team decided to trade Russell Westbrook last summer. Los Angeles traded legitimate NBA assets and a draft pick for Westbrook in an exchange which was widely condemned back then. Every one of the critics of the trade were correct, and Westbrook ended up being an enormous thorn in team’s side last season. The Lakers currently find themselves in position in which they’d benefit when they sell Westbrook but they might have gave up hope of that happening.

The sad thing is that Westbrook is still adamant that his skills are elite. He took very little responsibility for the team’s failure during his interview to end the season. Westbrook has a basketball ego that’s very difficult to break. Perhaps the folks the at NBA 2K23 can break that self-esteem a bit however. The ratings for the game are coming out and Westbrook’s ratings are not one of a superstar player (which Westbrook believes he is). It is that of an ‘internal’ bench player.

Russell Westbrook was given an awful 78 percent overall score on NBA 2K23. Russell Westbrook has the fourth-highest 2K23 rating for the Los Angeles Lakers. Westbrook has clearly fallen behind LeBron and Anthony Davis but he is in the same position as his teammate as well. The folks over at 2k23 mt buy gave Patrick Beverley a 79 overall rating, which is probably fitting for where he is currently in the course of his professional career.

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