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P2Pah WOW WOTLK Classic:This is a part of Blizzard being Blizzard

Both are crucial. Fans want greater StarCraft games WOW WOTLK Classic Gold . While I’m a fan, would like to see more StarCraft games. Fans would like to see to see more World of Warcraft games. As a fan, also want more World of Warcraft games. Fans are looking for new IP for their games, and me too.

Also, when we consider as a matter of “What IP we should use and how we can think about it?” The team holds a lot of decision-making power on that. Also, we need to really think about what games and IPs the teams are most thrilled about. What IP will work best for different types of games.

I believe that the fact that we own these IPs which contain these stories, time periods, or stories about games that are with them–I consider it an asset. I don’t view that as a liability. I believe the ability as well as the desire to create innovative games is important, and we’ve proven that we’re able to do this through World of Warcraft , and we’ll demonstrate it in the future.

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A first-person shooter inspired by StarCraft appears to have turned into one of the Blizzard’s White Whales. There was a report recently of a project which was one of the first-person shooters set in the StarCraft universe being cancelled, and of course, the game was StarCraft Ghost. Do you think that this idea is something you’re still interested in?

I’m not sure, but one of the things I’d like to highlight is that there has been some recent stories that have been focusing on games aren’t moving forward in, but internally, we have been aware that 50% of the games that we get started actually take off.

And so the fact that we’re not making progress on this or that game is a sign that Blizzard is functioning as usual. I’m pretty sure that in the majority of games that we’ve been working on aren’t yet released due to one reason or another The majority of players don’t recognize their names outside of Blizzard. They don’t get lots of interest.

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This is a part of Blizzard being Blizzard, frankly, when we evaluate games and decide which games will advance and which ones aren’t likely to progress. I’m a big StarCraft fan , personally, and I’m eagerly awaiting any future games set in the StarCraft universe. It’s an integral part to buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold the creativity process. The creative process is not linear. It’s very circling.

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