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OSRS Cabin Fever

Do you want to learn how to be a pirate? Well, this quest is made for you my friend. OSRS Cabin Fever quest is a part of the Pirate quest series, in this quest the pirate Bill tries to make the journey from Port Phasmatys to the pirate enclave of Mos Le’Harmless. rs gold

He’s looking to recruit anyone eager to become a pirate to help him sink the enemy before he ends up swimming home. He’s offering a lot more than a shilling to join his crew. Do you want to become part of the Bill Teach crew?
Skill Requirements

42 Agility
45 Crafting
50 Smithing
40 Ranged

Also, you need to complete Pirate’s Treasure and Rum Deal quest before starting the OSRS Cabin Fever quest.
The Items For OSRS Cabin Fever Quest

Ghostspeak amulet
3,500 coins to charter a ship and Camelot Teleport
Slayer ring to Slayer Tower or Salve graveyard teleport

Under Attack

To start this OSRS Cabin Fever quest you need to travel to Port Phasmatys. Speak with Bill Teach in The Green Ghost inn. He needs a pirate to help him leave the port, but none will sail with him, not even his crew.

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Walk to the east towards the docks and enter the most eastern ship, talk to Bill again and say let’s go captain to start sailing for Mos Le’Harmless and begin your journey as a pirate. Then a cutscene will start where an enemy pirate ship starts firing on you and they will destroy the ship’s hull and cannons.

On the bottom deck of the ship search the repair locker crate and take six ropes, then search the gun locker crate to the east and take a fuse. Next, go south of the ship, pick up the tinder box on the floor and climb the ladder to the main deck of the ship.

Head south of the ship, click on the climbing net to climb up the main mast. Use one of your ropes on the hoisted sail to swing over to the enemy ship, if you fail the jump, your run energy will deplete. The pirates on the enemy ship will start attacking you, so if you need to escape from them, climb up the net nearby to the main mast.

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Use the fuse on the powder barrel on the main deck, then use your tinder box on the fuse to light it. Climb back on the main mast using the net, and using a rope, swing back over to your ship and talk to Bill.

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