They are available for purchase at the Grand Exchange. Are you having trouble finding gold? No problem, just teleport to Varrock and then run east from the city with RS Gold. Buy some at the rsorder! You will have to get rid of the following:

It could take a while to find them all, therefore it’s not an option if you’re looking to save your time or are an Ironman This means that Grand Exchange is not an alternative either. If you’ve unlocked the route to Canifis Find Rufus’ Meat Emporium the middle and purchase all four meats inside.

The meat is enchanted

Things required: Raw chicken meat, raw bear, raw beef, and raw rodent meat.

Cauldron of Thunder location.

Journey through Taverley Dungeon, as the Cauldron of Thunder is located there. Take food to the next stage, if you’re a lower level. Do not ask why you should take it, you’ll be grateful in the future. When you are in Taverley go south and through the middle of the staircase. Follow the path towards the north, and cross levels 22 and 25 Skeletons, and finally reach the gate. Here you will find two suits of level 19 armor.

Note that if your combat level is lower than 55. Both will come into play when you try to open the gate and attempt to take you down.

It’s entirely up to you whether you want to kill or ignore them. Enter once you have made the choice. This is when you get to see a Cauldron. Make use of the raw meats you’ve previously gotten from the Cauldron of Thunder. If everything is done properly you’ll notice that they change color to blue. All meats turn into their enchanted counterparts: Enchanted beef, enchanted bear as well as enchanted rat, enchanted bear and enchan chicken.

The meats are enchanted.


Items needed: Enchanted chicken Enchanted beef, enchanted chicken, enchanted bear, enchanted rat.

Talk to Sanfew after you exit the dungeon in the same way as you came in. Sanfew will tell you to talk to Kagemeex and then take your meats with buy osrs gold safe. You will not only receive appreciation from Kaqemeex and he will also inform you about the skills of Herblore.

By Muxia

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