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What Is Smart Digital Signage And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

The age of the internet has expanded the capabilities for marketing more than anyone could have anticipated. Businesses are fighting for the attention of consumers every day online, with tailored ads and smart and immersive social media campaigns.

As a response to the diverted attention towards online marketing, stores have had to up their game to entice customers to walk through the door. One of the most popular and quickly evolving forms of store front marketing is the use of smart digital signage.

Digital signage simply refers to any form of digital display such as LED screens. They offer more versatility than traditional posters and static images, as they can play video content and can be easily switched remotely. This dynamic form of content display is eye-catching, immersive and can even be made interactive.

It’s not only businesses that benefit from digital signage, office buildings and public spaces also implement digital displays to present information, such as maps and directories – the uses of smart digital signage extend far beyond traditional advertising.

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What is smart digital signage?

Smart digital signage allows businesses to manage the displayed content remotely through a range of software. This is ideal for any business with a need for interchangeable content. For example, a digital signage that informs consumers of latest deals or new products that become available can be updated remotely with smart digital signage software.

Types of smart digital signage software

USB Thumb Drive/DVD player

The solutions for digital signage are improving each year, offering businesses new ways to manage their content. One of the early methods, still tried and true for simple and easy management of video and photo content is a USB drive or dvd player.

It can be limited compared to more professional solutions, especially when it comes to changing the display, as the content needs to be pre-loaded onto the drive. On the plus side, it’s also one of the cheapest methods for smaller business with a tighter budget to keep to.

Cloud-based solutions

The benefit of cloud based digital signage is that it can be used remotely and offers more freedom of management. Many of the systems can be expensive and difficult to use for those who are not so tech-savvy. There are numerous software apps that make operating your digital signage much easier after the initial set-up.

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The 3rd party provider you decide to go with will help by maintaining the cloud servers that host the content of your choice. This means you have more options for storage and flexibility when it comes to uploading designs.

You’ll also need to invest in strengthening security and data integrity as digital signage, much like most public space functions, can be targets for hackers.

Why you should implement smart digital signage in your business

Consumers are increasingly more demanding when it comes to advertising. Digital signage and smart software operating systems have changed the face of in-person marketing. After all, the high-streets are continuously battling with online shopping and must find new ways to engage consumers.

Digital signage itself is popular for a reason but as the technology evolves, consumer expectations will grow. That’s where smart digital signage comes in, offering versatility in digital display content for businesses large and small.





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