Strokes can have a devastating impact on the brain. It can impact the language centers and cause you to have difficulty walking. If you have suffered a stroke, it’s common to start to think about how you can minimize the damage and start the recovery process. Increasingly, there has been more focus on hyperbaric oxygen therapy for stroke patients. But how does this process work and what are the risks involved?

Why Use a Hyperbaric Chamber for Stroke

Let’s start by looking at how a hyperbaric chamber works and why it might prove to be a good option for people who have suffered a stroke. Hyperbaric chambers will create a high-pressure space. In this chamber, the oxygen will be two to three times more pressure than the outside air. As a result, your blood will be carrying more oxygen throughout the body.

It’s believed the increase in oxygen content can be beneficial for people are suffering from stroke damage. It will do a few things to your brain. First, it’s common for people who have experienced a stroke to have swelling. The higher oxygen content will be able to control the swelling. It can also protect against brain damage.

Effects of a Hyperbaric Chamber After a Stroke

There are a few reasons why people like to incorporate hyperbaric chambers into their stroke recovery. First, as we mentioned, the higher oxygen will reduce swelling. This can reduce brain damage after a stroke.

However, it can also prove useful during the post-stroke recovery process. After a stroke, you will need to rebuild the neural pathways that were damaged. This will allow you to start walking and talking again. During this time, the brain will require more oxygen. This is what the hyperbaric chamber provides, allowing you to see results faster.

There are a few other benefits that patients have reported. These include; improvements in the language centers of your brain and more experience of physical sensations. In some cases, it has even been able to help reverse the paralysis process. According to some studies, even late-stage stroke patients can see some benefits.

Who is Eligible for This Treatment?

Hyperbaric chambers can be used at any stage of stroke patient therapy. If you get into the chamber early enough it might be able to stop the worst effects of the stroke. However, it can also prove useful to people who are late in the recovery process. Even if the stroke occurred years ago, you might be able to see some benefits.

Risks of Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy

There are a few risks of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for stroke patients. Sometimes, the changes in air pressure can cause problems in your middle ear, the eardrum might even rupture. There is also the possibility of too much oxygen damaging the nervous system.

It’s best to talk about this therapy with your doctor. They will be able to talk about the pros and cons, allowing you to weigh up whether the treatment is the right approach for you.


The benefits of using a hyperbaric chamber for stroke are stunning. However, this area is still under scientific investigation. Though if you consent to the risks, you might be able to see an improvement in your condition after a stroke.


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